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"Thank you so much for all the help and advice you have given me in my job search, as well as during the internship. I know you are very busy and have many responsibilities, so I am grateful you would take time to invest in me and my career development. Again, thanks, and I will be sure to keep in touch!"

-Chris Howard 

"During my time as an intern at the World Trade Center Kentucky I have had the opportunity to learn from great professionals. I would highlight the opportunity go get to experience the world of international business from a very diverse perspective. Getting to see the different clients that the WTC-KY has and how they work with each other gives the opportunity to students of having a sight of what international business is that facilitates the opportunity to see what type of career I want for my future, and where I see myself growing as a young professional.

That would be the highlight of what I have learned while working at the WTC-KY, but there are many opportunities that I feel that I have taken advantage of. Putting the skills I have been learning in the classroom for the past three years into practice has been a wonderful learning experience and opportunity. I would definitely say that interning at the World Trade Center Kentucky is a very positive choice in order to grow professionally."

-Candela Arias Pérez      

“While interning at the World Trade Center Kentucky I have been able to grow my career in a positive and constructive hands-on environment.  Not only do I have a University education, but the skills, networking, and experience needed to begin a career in my field of interest. In terms of offering its interns opportunities after graduation, the WTC-KY goes above and beyond.  Since interns have direct interaction with clients, every project becomes an interview and I have done projects for some of the area’s top businesses, the Governors’ office, the Republic of Korea’s Ambassador, and organizations like the United States Chambers of Commerce.” 

-Corey Todd

“I interned at WTC-KY as I finished my Finance major and International Business Minor. Unlike other positions, my internship provided me with insightful guidance in choosing and understanding different career opportunities by working closely and on a daily basis with my coach/mentor at the internship. In addition to the career support I received, my limited knowledge base of international trade greatly improved through research on current information on international countries, companies, trade issues, regulations, and procedures to fulfill research requests of international member firms. This type of hands on experience was crucial for me to understand the "big picture" mission of the WTCKY.”

– Rachel Wooten