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Trade Advisory Services

Let's face it; navigating global commerce can be complex.

Have you ever felt the need to have someone verify your trade practices or supplement your organization with a subject matter expert?  Whether you have been exporting and/or importing for a few years or are just starting to work internationally, the World Trade Center Kentucky (WTC-KY) can provide a variety of customized trade advisory services for your company. Our consulting can increase your profitability by educating employees on how to efficiently manage international transactions. Please see below for a sampling of our service offerings.

Export 101 and Import 101 Training Modules

A WTC-KY specialist can deliver an Export 101 and/or Import 101 training module to your staff. These can be presented onsite at your company or via webinar. The purpose of these training modules is to educate a cross-functional group but also construct a plan for developing the international business operations of your company. An executive summary is provided to participants after completion which includes recommendations for risk mitigation and process improvement. If applicable, the specialist will also provide referrals to specialized service providers.

Export Accelerator Program

New to exporting or importing? Let one of our specialists conduct a detailed analysis and develop a step-by-step strategy to locate, negotiate, buy and/or sell into global markets for your organization.

Export/Import Checkup

Already exporting or importing? A WTC-KY specialist can visit your company to review your export/import transactions.

Global Market Research

Interested in entering a new global market? WTC-KY can perform customized market research on a country(s) of your choosing. After a thorough needs assessment, we will provide a market research report which meets the specific requirements of your organization.

Customs Broker Training

Are you or a member of your staff interested in taking the customs broker examination? A WTC-KY trade specialist can provide tailored customs broker training onsite or via WebEx. Our training includes study methods and guidance on navigating the most challenging sections of the examination.

Overseas Supplier Matchmaking

WTC-KY can support sourcing initiatives by finding overseas suppliers for companies. This service includes needs analysis, vetting of new suppliers and support with the initial import transactions.

"WTC-KY has assisted our company in navigating the intricacies of NAFTA, as well as giving us a broad understanding of the requirements and issues related to international trade. Since we are importing and exporting in excess of 100 ocean containers annually, it has been very beneficial for our organization to be able to rely on the expertise of WTC-KY and the relationships we have developed with other organizations that have participated and sponsored the International Trade Certification training."

Chad Ladd, Logistics Manager - Tungco

"The Kentucky World Trade Center was of great help to us in a recent project that required our field service teams to work onsite in Canada. WTC-KY's assistance with planning, documentation, and direction of protocol made the project run smoothly."

Todd Agee, CFO - Oak Island Creative

"We have had a solid relationship with World Trade Center Kentucky since 2015. A2Z Ozone, Inc. is an e-commerce business based in Louisville. Our international trade takes up about 30-35% of our business. Recently, we invited WTC-KY's Chief Trade Officer, Darren Srebnick, to spend the afternoon discussing our exporting concerns in a private classroom setting.  We learned so much about exporting that was specific to our organization. Mr. Srebnick also followed up with us about a week after the presentation to ensure all of our questions were answered.

I highly recommend partnering with the World Trade Center Kentucky for businesses that are working or plan on working in international business."

Jane Kelley, Manager - A2Z Ozone, Inc.